• How does it work?

    TestNest platform facilitates App Store page A/B testing. In other words you can now run an experiment and see which icon, screenshots, description, video preview etc. are the most attractive to your audience and bring the most installations for your app.

    Using TestNest you can create a web landing page that looks very much like App Store app page. Then you send traffic to it and TestNest performs an A/B test for you. TestNest's comprehensive analytics engine tracks not only basic A/B test metrics (visits, conversions, CTR, confidence) but also captures visitors behavior giving you valuable insights on how your users use App Store pages. This information enables you to make data-driven decisions and increase significantly the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and user acquisition activities.

  • Can experiment traffic users actually install the app?

    Yes, the audience (traffic) that you send over to your TestNest experiment page can download the app from the App Store. In fact, you can set the URL, to which your users will be sent, if they click install button.

  • Where do I get traffic for my experiments?

    Majority of our users use Facebook ads as a source of targeted and high quality traffic. You are free to use any other source you think would provide you with the best representatives of your target audience.

  • How accurate are the results of the experiment?

    TestNest experiment landing pages mimic real App Store pages, so experiment visitors show the same behavior as if they were on a real App Store page. This app store page A/B testing method is now used by multiple companies big and small and keeps delivering accurate and actionable experiment data.

  • How much does it cost to use TestNest?

    TestNest is free to use. You can find our pricing page here

  • What if I need ASO expert's help?

    If you need App Store Optimization (ASO) expert help - we are always there for you ;)

    Contact us at hello@testnest.co and we'll happily help you out.